Business Enhancement Plan Outline

January 28, 2015

1.  New Business Opportunities

   A. Strong promotion of area’s New Pedestrian Mall (as opposed to “Street Closed”)

   B.  “Bridgeworker” Lunch Specials and/or Happy Hours (Benefits any restaurant)

   C.  Food Carts/Flower Carts

   D.  Encourage Valley Health Walk With Us program with route ending at pedestrian mall so walkers

        could sit, socialize, have coffee, etc.

   E. Incentives- buyer incentives, specials, open house events

   F.  Benches, flower beds, etc. to create an attractive atmosphere

   G.  Outdoor demonstration area—designated spot or platform where store owners could put on

         some sort of demo—Fitness Center could do yoga; Shenandoah Moon could make quilts; PAL

         acts could do skits; Vivian’s could do flower arranging, Hawksbill Bikes could do repair

         clinics…maybe even street musicians to help bring traffic.

   H.  Downtown’s New Product Showcase—a secure area where any retail store (AOA, Hawksbill

        Bikes, etc. ) could put samples of new products out with accompanying information.

   J.  Rental (or barter) possibilities between contractors and owners of office space or storage space

   K.  Build observation deck with benches so people could eat lunch and watch bridge progress.

   L.  Outdoor Business Expos located at Mechanic St. parking area or elsewhere nearby.

   M. Horse and buggy carriage rides to transport people from parking lots, the Mimslyn, etc. to


2.  Traffic Patterns/Parking

    A.  Coordinate with owners of open space to create parking; promote employee parking in

         designated areas

    B.  Use shuttles (golf carts, “pedal-cabs” or other fun transport) from satellite parking to Downtown.

    C.  Options for cheap, physical improvements for business owners to do during the project-

          signage in the rear of buildings; parking improvements

    D.  Create premium parking spots for carpools?

    E. Serious cleanup for any alternate traffic routes that go behind stores.

3.  Events—Information and Additional Exposure Opportunities

    A.  Set up tents or kiosks at strategic locations, staffed when possible, with display racks

    B.  Event Cards—placed everywhere possible

    C.  Relocation of Ruffner Square events, if needed. Move to PAL?

    D.  Designated Business Ambassadors

4. Temporary Bridge

Construct temporary bridge across the creek to allow continued foot traffic—IF financially feasible. Town is exploring this in the bid process.

5.  Continuous Communication

    A. Identify actions to continually communicate that “Downtown is Open for Business!”

    B. Ensure continuous communication between affected merchants, Town, Chamber, LDI, etc.

6.  Cross promotion for Bridge Project

Maps, posters, banners, fact sheets, FAQs available in relevant locations—Town office, Visitor Center, major attractions, social media. Rotary meetings?

7.  Fundraising

    A.  Sponsorships for information kiosks?

    B.  Corporate name/logo on the bridge itself?

    C. Concerts?

8.  Stay Open Campaign