History of and around our Bridge

From the Page News & Courier YESTERYEARS, 1883, a comment read:

“Can’t we have a foot bridge across the Hawksbill to avoid the mixing of pedestrians with horses, cattle and vehicles?”

In 1901, the bridge had progressed to begin construction on a metal bridge.

According to an article published in the May 2, 1901 edition of the Page News & Courier, the bridge was to be rebuilt in iron, under construction of the American Bridge Co.  One year later, as construction continued, challenging weather threatened delays in the completion of the iron bridge.

On November 27, 1902, a representative from the American Bridge Co. provided an assurance that the bridge would be completed in two weeks’ time.  It was suggested in the Nov. 29, 1902 edition of the Page News & Courier, that the finalization of the bridge could be noted as a Christmas gift.

The completion of the iron bridge was finalized on December 31, 1902.

In 1934, the bridge was reconstructed into the concrete design that has remained until today.  The Page News & Courier reported on May 26, 1939 that improvements to the bridge were made to include the concrete material and the addition of lights.