Frequently Asked Questions

– When will the project start?

Please see the Tentative Schedule.

– Why will it take so long to start the project and to build the bridge?

Federal grants with State oversight require significant tasks which translate into extended timeframes. The actual construction window (12-14 months) will be significantly less than the time required for permitting.
Please see the Tentative Schedule.

– How much of Main Street will be closed?

Currently, the plan for closure of West Main Street is between Hawksbill Street on the west end and Vogt Place on the east end.

– Why can’t we keep one lane open instead of full road closure?

Four primary reasons: The project will take longer, cost more and provide a lower quality bridge. Most importantly, there is insufficient distance between the bridge closure zone and the town’s main intersection.

– What happens to greenway access and the walkway under Main Street?

Once construction begins, the Greenway will be detoured between the base of ramp near the back of Brown’s Restaurant and the intersection of the trail and South Hawksbill St to the south. A convenient trail detour route will be clearly marked. After construction, the under-bridge walkway will re-open.

– How long will that section of the Trail be closed and re-routed via detours?

From the time the contractor begins staging setup until after the contractor completes the project and breaks down the staging areas. We are estimating about 12-14 months.
Please see the Tentative Schedule.

– Can we still access downtown Luray?

Certainly! It is our hope, and that of our partner groups, that the enhancements will provide as many or more specific promotions for our core businesses in the bridge vicinity.

– Where do I park?

All regular parking areas will still be available except for the center part of the Ruffner Plaza parking lot, and the spots in the closed section of West Main. The Town will be actively engaging adjacent property owners for possible additional temporary parking areas.

– Will there be easy in-and-out access for quick drop-offs?

We are planning to incorporate a drop-off/pickup zone at the western end of the pedestrian mall for quick services like the Fitness Center classes. Please see the Draft Site Map.

– How do I get around town?

Detour routes for vehicles will be clearly marked. Primary detours will include Mechanic Street, Lee Street, South Court Street, as well as North and South Broad Streets (340N and 340S).

– Why does the bridge need to be replaced?

The bridge currently scores a 32.3 out of 100 on the Federal sufficiency scale. Anything under 50 requires action. The bridge is now 80 years old, with an initial estimated active life expectancy of only 45-50 years.

– Why can’t more regular repair work or maintenance be done instead?

The Town has completed four (4) separate significant repair projects to the bridge in the last 20 years. Annual inspections by the Town’s bridge engineers have revealed that inevitable wear and tear over the many years have rendered the bridge in need of replacement.

– What will the bridge look like when it is finished?

Because that section of Luray is located in a Historic District, the new bridge is required to look very similar to the existing bridge, in nearly all of its major aspects.

– Who is paying for the bridge work?

The federal government, through a transportation grant, is providing a maximum of $1.62 million. The Town is obligated for all remaining funding, including at least a 20% match of all federal grant expenditures. The Town is hoping to secure some State VDOT monetary support.

– How can I get involved?

We encourage your participation! E-mail your contact information to the Town’s designated bridge project address –

– What job or employment opportunities will come with the project?

Many of the construction crews will temporarily relocate to the area. There may be construction work for local workers. Office and storage space will be needed, along with a variety of local contractor services and products.

– What are the economic benefits?

The contractor and workers will need places to eat, sleep and shop for the estimated the 12 months, plus 1-2 months of set-up and breakdown both before and after the project.

– What will happen to lodging revenue and meals?

We are hopeful that there will be a slight increase due to the extra lodging and food demands of the construction crews.

– What will happen to downtown events?

These events are planned to be relocated to the new, temporary Pedestrian Mall on West Main. (See site map) The Town’s event schedule will showcase activities in this area. Nothing permanent can be constructed in this Pedestrian Mall since it will also serve as the primary materials access routing for the contractor.
Pedestrian Mall activities will be posted online.

– Can a temporary footbridge be provided for pedestrians to walk across the creek during construction?

This is a priority for the Town to discuss with the Design-Build Contractor. These types of amenities are not part of the project budget, therefore the cost will be carefully evaluated as a possible expenditure to taxpayer reserves.

– How will dust, dirt, noise and construction debris be controlled?

These will be priorities that the Town plans to address with the contractor to ensure adequate control measures are in place.

– How will the closure affect snow removal?

The contractor will be responsible for removal within the work site. The Town, and its contractor, will handle the other public services in an adjusted format.

– How will the trash be collected during the period of closure?

Town rollouts will be collected under the normal schedule, at the rear of the buildings in these areas. Specific situations may require case-by-case adjustments, which the Town will facilitate.

– What are the environmental impacts to the creek?

The Town is engaging an Environmental Consultant to protect against any such impacts. Work area controls will be a priority expressed throughout the project.